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Mindy Schmitt

Ashly Moland

Dennis Dean Barrett

Jana Lee Davis

Barbie Bush

​Joey Tonnemacher

Karen Pickett

Stacy Thompson

Abby Breckenridge

Linda Luong

Denny Quick

Kathy Burg

Sue Hutzell

Mary Tays

Josie Schrad

Kelly Evans

Ashly Moland

Stylist From a young age I set my sights high, working hard to put every creative bone in my body into my career as a hairstylist. It's been 10 years in the industry and I'm happier and more motivated then ever working at MODA. Color is my true passion, it's what has lead me to keep learning and evolving. In 2010 I moved for a short time to NYC to work for owner/ colorist, Rita Hazan. I love the city and the fashion, pulling a majority of my inspiration from my continued time/training there.