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Mindy Schmitt

Ashly Moland

Dennis Dean Barrett

Jana Lee Davis

Barbie Bush

​Joey Tonnemacher

Karen Pickett

Stacy Thompson

Abby Breckenridge

Linda Luong

Denny Quick

Kathy Burg

Sue Hutzell

Mary Tays

Josie Schrad

Kelly Evans

Barbie Bush

Stylist Classy, Professional, Modern, Current. I joined the team at MODA with over 12 years of experience. Many years of training with AVEDA enabled me to cultivate a skill set specializing in: HAIRCUTTING and HAIR CONDITIONING, CORRECTIVE COLORING and COLOR FOILING, EYEBROW DESIGN, and HAIR REMOVAL. My passion for making you look and feel your best has me constantly seeking further education. I look forward to welcoming you to MODA!